Speaking at LeanDUS on March 25th

I am happy to announce that I've got invited by Sipgate to talk at LeanDUS in Duesseldorf, Germany on March 25th!

The plan is to talk a little about what it's like to work at GitHub and to look back at 2 1/2 years of working on GitHub Enterprise, both from a development and support experience. The talk will be held in German and you'll also need to grab a ticket on the LeanDus website in advance.

Source: Flickr

Looking forward to see you soon in Duesseldorf!

Mentoring at Hack-ing.io in Istanbul, Turkey

To my excitement, I've got invited to become a mentor and member of the jury at Hack-ing.io, a hackathon that takes place in Istanbul, Turkey at Koç University from October 31st to November 2nd. The mission is to improve the world of mobile payment, e.g. by building systems that would simplify money transfers or that would allow alternative ways to pay.

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Unfortunately, due to popular demand the registration is already closed. However, feel free to follow Hack-ing.io via #hacking on Twitter from October 31st on and get in touch!

Speaking at the Working Draft podcast, Revision 187

The podcast's in German.

Earlier this month I was invited to the Working Draft podcast's Revision 187 by Stefan Baumgartner and Christian Schaefer to talk about what it's like to be a GitHubber. And that's what we did at great length! We've been talking about how it's like to work for a company in the US, what it's like to work in a nearly non-hierarchical environment, how GitHub has changed since I've joined in December 2012 and why I didn't start an Octocat oil painting career.

If you prefer text, look no further! Christian has also transcribed our two hour long conversation in this Gist.

Speaking at Code Talks 2014 in Hamburg on October 10th

On October 10th at 10 am I'll be kicking off the second day of Code Talks 2014 in Hamburg, Germany. Of course, I'll be talking about my favorite topic:

"How GitHub runs support, why support's awesome, and what can be done to make it more enjoyable".

It'll be a revised version of what I've been talking about at various conferences this Spring and will be held in German for the very first time. The venue looks pretty awesome, it's a multiplex cinema. I'll be talking in "Saal 1" which has roughly a thousand seats and a 11 meter high and 24 meter wide screen. Needless to say that I'm quite excited!

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As an aside, I have two free tickets to give away and five tickets offering a 50% discount each. If you're in need of a ticket, send me an email. One ticket per person, first come, first serve and only as long as the conference's not sold out!

The two free tickets are gone. 5x 50% discount tickets are still available.

Speaking at the Ruby User Group Hamburg in June 2014

It's a bit of short notice, but tomorrow I'm going to speak about my experience from 1 1/2 years working at GitHub and what it's like to work remotely for a company abroad. The Ruby user group will gather at around 7 PM at the betahaus 2.0. You can let us know that you're coming by signing up on #rughh's website.

betahaus hamburg
Eifflerstraße 43
22769 Hamburg

I'd prefer giving the talk in German, but we'll see about that at the venue.

Attending the Hamburg Hackathon 2014

Next weekend, on June 7th and 8th, I'm going to be in Hamburg attending the Hamburg Hackathon together with my fellow co-workers James Dennes and Ivan Žužak. Organized by the Hamburg Geekettes and Open Tech School Hamburg as well as sponsored by a Gazillion™ companies like XING, OTTO, ThoughtWorks, Wooga or GitHub we're going to hack on anything that goes under the "For a better working life!" motto.

Unfortunately, joining the Hackathon to actually hack on things is not possible anymore - all seats taken. However, you're most welcome to join us for the presentations on Sunday, June 8th at around 2:30 PM.

The full address is:

Werkheim Altona
Planckstrasse 13
22765 Hamburg

See you there!

Speaking at Tech Talent Nights 2014 in Aarhus, Denmark

This is a bit of a short notice, but tomorrow I'm going to speak about GitHub and our take on support at Tech Talent Nights in Aarhus, Denmark. We're going to start at around 4:30 PM with an introduction to Revision control systems, Git and GitHub and make our way eventually to how we run support at GitHub. The event ends at around 6:15 PM after a Q&A session.

The exact address is:

Lille Auditorium, Bygning 5510
Åbogade 34
8200 Aarhus N., Denmark

You can register for the event on Facebook, but simply showing up will probably also work. Looking forward to meet you in Aarhus tomorrow!

Speaking at OSDC 2014 in Berlin, Germany

After having a great time at Rubyslava and kod.io in March, I'm happy to announce that I'm also going to speak at this year's Open Source Data Center Conference. Again, I'm going to talk about my support experience here at GitHub.

Operations people often strive for the perfect solution. But is that really effective? To answer that question for yourself, you’ll have to spend some time doing support! Here at GitHub developers help out with support on a regular basis, leading to a better experience for our customers. Some even work on both: half development, half support. I'm going to show you why I think support is awesome and how it benefits your work!

Wait, what? It's the same talk, again? Luckily, no! It will be a refined version of what I've been talking about at kod.io, mainly tackling the same topics, but focusing on what's important for people working in Operations with some great examples from the GitHub Ops team.

The conference takes place from 8-10 April in Berlin, Germany. and it seems there are only a few tickets left. Head over to their website and register if you want to meet!

Speaking at kod.io 2014 in Linz, Austria

I'll be speaking at this year's kod.io in Linz on March 1st, together with lots of other interesting speakers. I haven't done much public speaking in 2013 and rather concentrated on getting up to speed at GitHub, so I'm thrilled to be able to speak again this year!

In order to become a better developer you’ll have to spend some time doing support. Here at GitHub developers help out with support on a regular basis, leading to a better experience for our customers. Some even work on both: half development, half support. I’m going to show you why I think support is awesome and how it makes you better at writing code!

For more information see the kod.io website or follow kod.io on twitter!

Attending OpenTechSchool's "GitHub From Scratch" workshop

I'll be attending OpenTechSchool Hamburg's GitHub from Scratch workshop tomorrow, Saturday Nov 30th. Looks like there will be plenty of people eager to learn how to start using GitHub to build and collaborate on software. At the time of this writing there're still 5 free spots available, so if you want to learn more about GitHub or want to shake hands in meatspace sign up!

The workshop is going to start at 10 am and takes place here (maps):

Commerce Plus GmbH
Schaeferkampsallee 16
20357 Hamburg, Germany