Mike Adolphs

Mike Adolphs is an Operations expert based in Berlin, Germany and Luebeck, Germany. Previously building and automating server infrastructures for nugg.ad in Berlin and XING in Hamburg, he's now making people's life a little easier at GitHub in San Francisco. For the past two years he's been working on technical support for the GitHub Enterprise product - his first support-orientied role ever since, allowing him to deep dive into other people's code on a daily basis. Since January 2015 he's the Support Engineering Manager for the GitHub Enterprise product.

When he's not looking at Support from a strategic point of view or answering customers, he's usually speaking in front of people about what he's currently working on. Let him know if you're a conference or user group organizer and if you're looking for speakers!

Mike is currently not available for hire. That said, feel free to let him know about interesting remote jobs and leadership roles. Maybe you can pick up the conversation again once the situation has changed.

Contact options

You can contact him via the following methods.