Speaking at OSDC 2014 in Berlin, Germany

After having a great time at Rubyslava and kod.io in March, I'm happy to announce that I'm also going to speak at this year's Open Source Data Center Conference. Again, I'm going to talk about my support experience here at GitHub.

Operations people often strive for the perfect solution. But is that really effective? To answer that question for yourself, you’ll have to spend some time doing support! Here at GitHub developers help out with support on a regular basis, leading to a better experience for our customers. Some even work on both: half development, half support. I'm going to show you why I think support is awesome and how it benefits your work!

Wait, what? It's the same talk, again? Luckily, no! It will be a refined version of what I've been talking about at kod.io, mainly tackling the same topics, but focusing on what's important for people working in Operations with some great examples from the GitHub Ops team.

The conference takes place from 8-10 April in Berlin, Germany. and it seems there are only a few tickets left. Head over to their website and register if you want to meet!